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Welcome to Bohotany – pronounced Bo - HOT- ah - nee, a blend of Botany and Boho.


My floral journey started in 2018, initially I began playing with dried flowers and after attending a dried flower wreath making workshop it clicked, I had finally found my thing! 

I fell in love with creating with flowers. 


It wasn’t until my Mum sadly passed away that I took it as a serious career path, helping to prepare the flowers for her funeral really helped with my mental health and got me through that hard time in my life. 

Something beautiful came from that storm and it turns out that I had a natural knack for floristry. 


So here I am 4 years later and still loving this little journey I have found myself on. 


During the lockdown period I educated and taught myself the basics. Once the world opened up again, I spent time investing in my craft and have attended courses on sustainable floristry to brush up on my knowledge and skill. 

I have also been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to learn through freelancing with other reputable florists. 


I try my best to work seasonally and using British grown flowers, some of which are grown a stones throw away from my little Garden home studio in Kent. 

I have a wild, luscious and undone garden style approach to floristry and enjoy the weird and wonderful twisty stems that you can only get from home grown flowers. 


I strive to be an eco-conscious florist, although, I am not perfect and I am learning new things everyday when it comes to this. 

I use foam free mechanics in my work and minimise my single use plastic as much as possible. 


You can usually find me knee deep in flowers either at my studio, freelancing with another talented florist or at my allotment, where I am attempting to grow my own blooms.


I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. 





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